Do or Don’t? Houston Restaurant Weeks | Ibiza Food & Wine Bar

Your regularly scheduled programming has returned! Well, sort of. It’s another installment of Do or Don’t Houston Restaurant Weeks…in September?! HRW has been extended through September, which is about the only nice thing I can say about our unwelcome guest Harvey.

Houston Restaurant Weeks | Ibiza

Ibiza in Midtown is up. Y’all, I pass this place at least once a week. Their valet cones impede my parking while dropping off my Rent the Runway packages at the UPS store. Maybe that was my aversion, but with these comfortable nighttime temperatures we’ve been having, and with the grocery shelves still sparsely populated, I decided a walk over to Ibiza for HRW was in order.


HRW Ibiza | First Course

Houston Restaurant Weeks | Ibiza Watermelon saladHouston Restaurant Weeks | Ibiza Lobster risotto












It was the watermelon salad (mine) vs the lobster saffron risotto (Bill’s)

I’d say Bill marginally won this course. You might be thinking, watermelon vs lobster? There’s no contest, but the flavors of the watermelon salad were perfect. It was closer than anticipated, but the lobster did indeed win out.


HRW Ibiza | Second Course

Chili crusted redfish (Bill’s) vs Braised lamb shank (mine)










This one was a bit of a toss-up. If the mint sauce had been better, I would have won hands down, but it was only ok and mint sauce is my favorite part of eating a lamb dish, so that was a bit of a letdown. On the other hand, the lamb was super tender and just fell off the bone.


The redfish was also tasty. I didn’t blow anyone away, but it was a solid choice.


HRW Ibiza | Third Course

Peach bread pudding (Bill’s) vs Warm chocolate Nutella brownie (mine)

This one isn’t quite fair for me to judge because I don’t really care for bread pudding. It’s the kind of thing that makes me wonder how TV food judges equitably pick a winner. Anyhow, all I know is my Nutella brownie was delish and I don’t typically enjoy chocolate desserts.

Houston Restaurant Weeks | Ibiza Peach bread pudding Houston Restaurant Weeks | Ibiza Nutella brownie










HRW Ibiza | The Verdict

If the goal of HRW (aside from obviously raising money for the Houston Food Bank) is to attract first-time customers and get them to return, then Ibiza did its job. I spied a bunch of small plates on the regular menu that makes me want to return. And since it’s so close to home, I will certainly be back. Ibiza Food & Wine Bar is another Houston Restaurant Weeks Do!


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