Do or Don’t? Houston Restaurant Weeks | Brasserie 19

Hey, friends! I’m working triple time in the name of Houston Restaurant Weeks! I had to get one more post in before the weekend to help y’all make some weekend dinner reservations. If you want to see my other HRW dos and (unfortunately) don’ts, check out my earlier posts on Brasserie du Parc and Backstreet Cafe.

Houston Restaurant Weeks: Brasserie 19

I swear I didn’t just go through the B’s (I have reservations at Xochii next week!), but today I bring to you another Brasserie: Brasserie 19 in River Oaks.


I will again tell you the deal through photos.


HRW Brasserie 19 | First Course

Deviled eggs at Brasserie 19 for Houston Restaurant Weeks

I had the deviled eggs. They were good, but not amazing.


Bill opted for the escargot toast. Forget avocado toast, y’all. Escargot toast is where it’s at. Escargot toast at Brasserie 19 during Houston Restaurant Weeks


HRW Brasserie 19 | Second Course


Steak frites at Brasserie 19 for Houston Restaurant WeeksI opted for the steak frites. The steak was cooked perfectly, and the fries were simple, but exactly the kind I like, so I was pretty obsessed with them.


But Bill won this round too. He got the half hen and it was so juicy and perfect. I generally don’t order poultry when I go out to eat. I guess too many chicken meals growing up does that to you, but [SPOILER ALERT] I will be back next year and this is what I will order. Half hen at Brasserie 19 during Houston Restaurant Weeks






HRW Brasserie 19 | Third Course


I had the most trouble selecting what I wanted for the dessert course. I LOVE creme brulee and always order it when it’s offered no matter how full I am. On the other hand, I love lemon flavored desserts and they’re not offered as often.

Creme brulee at Brasserie 19

Bill got the creme brulee. I tasted it and it was fantastic. They didn’t brulee it so much that it tasted burnt. I hate that. Great creme brulee.


BUT Y’ALL. Even though I lost the first two courses, I won the whole meal with the lemon bavarian dessert. Bill likes to say I’m hyperbolic, but I’m not playing. This is the best dessert I’ve ever had. I savored every bite.


HRW Brasserie 19 | The Verdict

DO DO DO!!! AND GET THE LEMON BAVARIAN!! Go. Right now. I’m so serious. Brasserie 19 has been my favorite so far!

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