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With just two weekends left in Houston Restaurant Weeks, I’m helping you determine which of the menus give you the most bang for your buck and offer the best experience during this busy restaurant time.  Next up is the dinner menu at Backstreet Cafe. 


Are we just going here because you love the Backstreet Boys?

I do love the Backstreet Boys, but I chose Backstreet Cafe for another reason…a reason just as awesome as BSB. The wine pairings.


Backstreet Cafe Houston Restaurant Weeks menuBackstreet Cafe’s HRW dinner features pre fixe menus meant to pair with white wine, red wine, beer, bourbon, or vegetarian (there are pairings for that menu too). You can mix and match the menus for $5 extra. I chose the white wine (subbing the cheese plate for the peach cobbler, Bill chose the beer, and Bill’s mom and brother chose the red wine. We all ordered the pairings and we were off to the races and I will tell the story through photos.




HRW Backstreet Cafe | First Course

First course at Backstreet Cafe's Houston Restaurant Weeks dinnerFirst course at Backstreet Cafe's Houston Restaurant Weeks dinnerFirst course at Backstreet Cafe's Houston Restaurant Weeks dinner











The restaurant was busy and loud. We’re experienced with wine pairings and tasting menus, so we know the first drink typically comes out with the first course. We ordered our meals and each ordered a drink, which came out promptly. Fewer than five minutes later, our first course drinks were out, so we each had two drinks in front of us. Shortly after, our first courses were out. My scallop was fantastic and everyone seemed to enjoy their first courses.

HRW Backstreet Cafe | Second Course

The main course at Backstreet Cafe during Houston Restaurant WeeksThe main course at Backstreet Cafe during Houston Restaurant Weeks












The main event was also good. I really liked that green stuff (green tomato gazpacho sauce). The chips that came with the ribs weren’t crisp and kind of tasted stale. But the ribs were good and the carrot flan was like nothing I’ve ever tasted and kind of good if you give it a shot

HRW Backstreet Cafe | Third Course

HRW Backstreet Cafe | Third Course

So the scallop and this cheese plate were my favorite parts of my meal. We all had the cheese plate, except for Bill who liked but didn’t love the sticky toffee pudding.

HRW Backstreet Cafe | The Verdict

You might have been able to tell from the tone of the post, that I wasn’t overjoyed by Backstreet Cafe’s HRW dinner experience. I’ll never be phony, so I’m actually going to give it a don’t. But to be clear, I’m not saying you should never go to Backstreet Cafe. To the contrary, it’s actually a very charming restaurant and they’ve got some tasty food and a great wine selection. But sometimes, the volume doesn’t make for a good dining experience. The pacing was bad. I know it’s busy, but if it’s a problem, then maybe wine pairings aren’t the best thing to offer. The pacing was so bad, I ended up finishing three half full glasses of wine after dessert. So I’d say save the charming Backstreet Cafe for a time that’s a bit less busy.

If you’re still figuring out your reservations for the remainder of the month, check out my last HRW post here. It was a do. And stay tuned for another HRW do later on this week!

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