Best Houston Crawfish Inside the Loop

Hi, friends! So I’ve been on a mission to find the best crawfish in Houston, inside the loop, of course. If you know me, you know I don’t leave the loop unless I’m going on vacation or someone I really, really, really like asks me to. Come crawfish season, though, this presents somewhat of a challenge. There are few dedicated crawfish spots in the loop, so you’ve gotta keep your eye out for who is boiling at the local bars. And that, my friends, can be a crapshoot. The other problem is that places in the loop want to charge you an arm and a leg per pound. And I don’t know about you, but I need both arms to eat the crawfish. And I’m also gonna need at least 5 pounds. I don’t have that many limbs.


With that said, I’m presenting my favorites so far. Bookmark or pin this post for later, as I’ll try to keep it updated throughout the season.


Saint Dane’s Bar and Grille

Midtown Houston

Free Crawfish Fridays at Saint Danes in Midtown Houston

Saint Dane’s has a special place in my heart because it’s where Bill and I had our first date 4 and half years ago. But it’s also special because it features Free Crawfish Fridays! Yeah, you heard me! Don’t jump out of your seat or anything. It’s a free half pound (uh…is this for babies?) with the purchase of two beers. So yeah, you’re not going to get your full fix, but it is a great way to do happy hour and taste a few before you decide if it’s worth it to order more. Or you can just listen to me…it’s worth it. I was actually really surprised how much I liked the crawfish there. It’s Louisiana style and has great flavor. No bland crawfish tails here.

Crawfish and beer at Saint Danes in Houston | Best crawfish Houston

House of Hoopz (Little Woodrow’s White Oak)

Houston Heights


Little Woodrows White Oak | Houston Heights

House of Hoopz boils crawfish at Little Woodrow’s on White Oak every weekend and they are some of my favorites. I’d say as good or a little better than Saint Dane’s, but it gets the edge because the beer selection is better at Woodrow’s.  

Crawfish at Little Woodrows Houston Heights

South Bank Seafood Bar

Midtown Houston

Crawfish and gumbo at South Bank in Midtown Houston | Best Houston crawfish

The crawfish here is really flavorful and different the typical cajun/Viet cajun stuff I’m used to. I think there were cloves in the spices. I really enjoyed it, BUT it was $8.50 a pound. It was early in the crawfish season when I went, but I’ve heard from more recent visitors that the prices are still way up there. That just won’t do for someone who wants all the crawfish, like me. But if you only need a pound or two (huh?) or you’re a millionaire, I’d recommend giving it a shot for something a little different but still delicious.


Saigon House

Midtown Houston


I had my first crawfish of the season here on February 3rd. The price was way up there with South Bank, but it was the beginning of February, so call ahead as the prices may have come down. They offer options on the seasoning which is always good and they were super flavorful. It’s also a good spot because they have tons of other food offerings if you’re trying to get your crawfish on and you happen to be with people who think it’s too much work. Can you feel my eye roll?


So you have my recommendations for Houston crawfish inside the loop. I’ve eaten some trash crawfish in the loop also. Everyone has a bad day so I don’t like to put people on blast, but ask me (IG DM is best) and I’ll spill it. As I mentioned before, I’ll be updating the best places for crawfish inside the loop as the season continues, so pin it for later.  

Best Crawfish Houston Inside the Loop

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