Hi, I’m Erika.  I’m a New Jersey born and raised Houston transplant of 6 years and counting by way of Miami.  And now I’m a Houston lifestyle blogger. Got it? Good.


Whether you’re new to Houston, you’ve lived here your whole life, or you’re just passing through, you can get into Hou. into Hou is a community here to help answer the toughest questions known to man:  

What should I do this weekend?

Where should I visit next month?

What should I wear in the sweltering summer heat?

And of course, what’s for dinner?  

I promise to share my love of Houston with you.  But I really want to hear about why you’re into Hou too, so don’t be shy.  Comment, follow along, and share your favorites with me on social media, using #SoIntoHou.  


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