6 True Crime Podcasts for Beginners

I love podcasts and I want to share them with y’all. So if you’ve never listened to one before, stay tuned. Podcasts for beginners will feature good entry level podcasts of various genres. There will be something for everyone. 

6 true crime podcasts for beginners

If you follow me around all day long, you’ll probably notice I’ve got a pair of earbuds in my ears. I even sleep with headphones on. My boyfriend says I’m overstimulated, but there’s just so much to listen to and so little time. I love podcasts. People who love podcasts know all about them, but I often encounter people who just don’t know about them at all. Podcasts come in all varieties: comedy, political, sports, kid-friendly, true crime (my personal favorite), you name it. If you listen to local Houston radio, you might be interested in hearing another side of Rhoula and Ryan on their Raw Feed podcast.

And so this is the inaugural installment of into Hou’s beginner’s guide to podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to get find out what’s next in the Podcasts for Beginners series. And I will begin with my absolute favorite genre – True Crime. If you’re not sure how to listen, pick up your iPhone and open up the default Podcast app. That’s how I listen. No iPhone? No problem. Stitcher and Podbean are great too and they have desktop streaming and mobile apps. Don’t be intimidated. It’s super simple. So, without further ado: 6 True Crime Podcasts for beginners.  


6 True Crime Podcasts for Beginners

Criminal is a perfect True Crime podcast for beginners


If you’re not sure about the true crime genre, or podcasts in general, Criminal is a great place to start. Each episode is a standalone and they’re pretty short, most around a half hour. Phoebe Judge has the most soothing voice that might put you to sleep if it weren’t for the unexpected ride she takes you on during the episode. The kinds of stories range from scams to murder, but they’re stories you’re very unlikely to have heard on the news. If you’re looking for a good place to start, try a two-parter: Episodes 51 and 52. Listen in order!

In the Dark is a great true crime podcast for beginners!

In the Dark

Another fascinating true crime podcast for beginners is In the Dark.  It’s a 9 episode series that tells the story of Jacob Wetterling, a Minnesotan boy who was abducted in 1989. This case was lead to the birth of sex offender registries in the US. Madeline Baran makes the story of the crime and investigation easy to follow and her interviews are compelling. I loved this one so much that I stay subscribed so I don’t miss the start of season two! 

My Favorite Murder is a fun true crime podcast for beginners!

My Favorite Murder

We’re taking a bit of a turn here with My Favorite Murder. Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff are not journalists. They are comedians. Each week, they each tell the story of a murder that interests them. These are just two women talking about murder. It’s casual and friendly, which is weird to say about a podcast about murder. Their motto is “Stay sexy; don’t get murdered” and they’re following is so loyal, some has SSDGM tattoos. Although I do really love this one, it’s probably not for everyone and the tone is MUCH different from anything else on this list. But give it an episode or two. I recommend starting with episode 1, so you can get a feel for their vibe, but each episode stands on its own, so you can listen in any order you please. But for me, I hate live episodes, so I always skip them.

Crimetown is a great true crime podcast for beginners!


Y’all, I freaking love this podcast. After listening to season 1, I was beyond thrilled to learn that there will be more. Their description says it best. It explores the tangled web of crime and corruption in American cities. The first (and only for now) season of Crimetown takes place in Providence, Rhode Island. I can’t do the season justice here, but the podcast actually features the major players involved in the corruption and mob life. It’s seriously wild. Get ready to pay attention, because it’s a large cast of characters, but it’s so, so worth it.

Accused is a great true crime podcast for beginners!


If you liked In the Dark mentioned above, you’ll probably like this one too. Amber Hunt is ruthless in her own journalistic investigation into what went on following the murder of Elizabeth Andes in 1978. The murder remains unsolved and your jaw will drop when you hear some of the things that went wrong during the investigation. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t get wrapped up in a neat little bow.

Ear Hustle is a great true crime podcast for beginners!

Ear Hustle

This one may not exactly qualify as true crime, but it’s a podcast recorded from San Quentin prison with real inmates. It is so fascinating and the inmates featured on the podcast are just so genuine. It’s one of my favorites of the moment and I get so sad when I realize an episode is ending.

I’m stopping here because this is podcasts for beginners, but like I said, I love podcasts and I love true crime, so I could go on and on. Also, these are some of my personal favorites, but if you ask another true crime lover, they could give you an entirely different list. So if you’d like to talk true crime, leave a comment below or drop me a line

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