5 Storytelling Podcasts for Beginners

This is the second installment of Podcasts for Beginners featuring good entry level podcasts of various genres. Be sure to subscribe to see what’s coming next!

Have you heard the buzz about podcasts, but aren't sure what the hubbub is about? Check out the podcasts for beginners series for a place to start!

Hey friends! If you’re in the Halloween spirit, check out the true crime podcasts in the first installment of Podcasts for Beginners. Up this time is just good old-fashioned storytelling. These podcasts are each a little different, but they’re some of my favorites and in most of these, there’s an episode for everyone. So now, 5 Storytelling Podcasts for beginners.


5 Storytelling Podcasts for Beginners

Death, Sex, and Money

As the title leads you to believe, this podcast is about death, sex, and money. Anna Sale’s interview style is so conversational and easy going that you almost forget she’s having conversations about topics that are usually skipped at the Thanksgiving table. She brings out the humanity in people who on paper might seem like you’d rather not get to know them. It’s really a thing of beauty. And you might find yourself feeling conflicted after listening to an episode. But you’re not the only one and Sale includes listener reactions as part of the conversation. If you’re looking for a place to start with this one, I recommend Why I Steal.

Reply All

I honestly don’t know how I stumbled upon this podcast because I’ve never met anyone else who listens to it. This may be a bit of my nerd showing, but their tagline is “it’s a podcast about the internet”. And it is, but it’s so much more. There are some parts that are super nerdy, like when they decipher tweets that mean absolutely nothing to me and are way beyond my nerd purview in a segment called Yes, Yes, No. But there are so many fascinating topics. Start with episode 99 Black Hole, New Jersey. Then if you like it, start at the beginning and be my friend because I’m sure we’d get along.

This American Life

Y’all this podcast is the OG as far as I’m concerned. I mean it started in 1995, obviously not on the Apple podcast app, but still. This is storytelling at its finest. And because it’s been a thing since the dawn of time, there are a million (or 629 as of publishing) episodes to listen to. I haven’t listened to 600+, but I’ve listened to a lot. TAL takes a seemingly benign topic, like delays, and tells a few very different stories related to the topic. If that’s confusing, just take a listen. It’s almost impossible to tell you where to start since there are just so many episodes. If you like season one of Serial, try starting with Sarah Koenig’s episodes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just pick one.

Another Round

I’m only recommending the early episodes of Another Round because I haven’t finished yet and I heard there were some host changes in the middle. Heben and Tracy are Buzzfeeders who chat and interview guests about race, gender, and pop culture. Start with the first episode like I did because they tell you exactly what to expect. The best parts are Tracy’s corny jokes and the “What had happened was…” segments.


This is a love it or hate it podcast and I’ve left it for last because it requires some commitment. But I ate this up with a spoon, so if you’re in for a serial podcast, listen to S-Town. Don’t google or research or you’re bound to encounter spoilers. Just listen.


That concludes this installment of Podcasts for Beginners. Be sure to subscribe to get find out what’s next in the series and send me a note or leave a comment if there’s a genre you’re interested in!

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